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After a certain age, calcium starts depleting from the bones and it becomes very hard to restrain that calcium in the bones. That is why, calcium supplements are advised. NUTRISROT̖‘s Calcium PRO Effervescent Tablets are clinically formulated to provide better immunity, bone health, muscle support; and to reduce the risk of getting bone fractures easily. In the human body, the most abundant mineral is Calcium and about 99% is present in the bones itself. It is extremely important for the growth, development and maintenance of bones, nails and teeth. Its deficiency may cause weakening of bones, brittle nails and could be the main reason for fatigue or muscle weakness; and over the time it may increases the risk of fractures.

  • Clinically Formulated Supplement: Calcium PRO is a dietary supplement for adults, which is formulated with Calcium Carbonate to fulfill 100% of your daily requirement of calcium; along with Ayurvedic Herb Boswellia Serrata and other essential vitamins & minerals like Vitamin K2-7, Vitamin D3 Copper & Boron.
  • Calcium Depletion in Adults: Calcium is extremely necessary for growth & development of bones as 99% of the calcium is found in the bones and teeth. Getting too little calcium can cause several conditions, such as Osteoporosis where adults may have low bone mass.
  • Postmenopausal women: Female body absorbs and retains less calcium after menopause which can lead to fragile Therefore, optimum quantity of calcium is required after age of 40.
  • Other Benefits: Boswellia Serrata helps in reducing joint inflammation and helps relieve back pain, knee pain or any other joint pain. Other minerals like Copper & Boron plays an important role in building strong bones, treating osteoarthritis, calcium absorption & blood sugar regulation.
  • Recommended Usage: Take 1 tablet in a glass of water daily after a meal, for better absorption.
  • Recommended For:
    • Ideal for adults over 30 years of age
    • Must for adults over 60
    • Adults who are calcium deficient
    • Adults suffering from persistent joint pain
    • Beneficial for postmenopausal women
    • Adults who have low immunity
    • Adults who stay indoor most of the time
    • General wellness
  • Not Recommended For: Kids under 15 years of age

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much Calcium does an average adult man / woman needs daily?
A: Calcium is the mineral that our body needs in highest amount. An average adult between 20-50 years of age, requires nearly 1000mg -1200mg of elemental calcium daily. Above the age of 60, the requirement rises to nearly 1500mg daily.

Q: Can we get required amount of calcium from our food?
A: In most healthy adults below the age of 40, you may get required calcium from your food, if you take enough of dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt, green leafy vegetables, fortified flour, soy products, figs, dried apricots etc. However, as we age, our requirement of calcium increases & depletion of calcium from our bones increases. Thus, arises the need to take calcium from supplements.

Q: Which Calcium form has the highest quantity of elemental calcium?
A: Calcium Carbonate. It gives 40% of elemental calcium. 1000mg of Calcium carbonate gives 400mg of elemental calcium. Calcium Citrate is the 2nd but way behind gives only 21% of elemental Calcium.

Q: Is it true that only Calcium Citrate is the most absorbable form of Calcium?
A: Yes & No. Although Calcium Citrate is the most absorbable form of Calcium but you get only 210 mg of elemental calcium from every 1000mg of Calcium Citrate. In contrast Calcium Carbonate can also be easily absorbed if taken along with food, as it requires stomach acids to get absorbed easily. You get 500mg of elemental calcium from 1 tablet of 1250mg of Calcium Carbonate.

Q: Does Calcium Carbonate cause bloating?
A: No. If you take Calcium Carbonate along with the meals, it will not cause bloating besides providing highest quantity of elemental calcium.

Q: What else is required for the body to use Calcium optimally?
A: Vitamin D, Vitamin K-2-7 & Magnesium. Any supplement which gives 600+ IU of Vitamin D along with Vitamin K-2-7 & Magnesium is the ideal combination. Because Vitamin D helps in absorption of Calcium in the body. Vitamin K-2-7 activates a protein called matrix GLA which removes calcium from soft tissues & it also activates Osteocalcin which helps in holding calcium to the bones.

Q: How much elemental calcium does Calcium PRO gives & what is the dosage?
A: Calcium PRO gives 1250mg of Calcium Carbonate which is the highest yielding form of Calcium. You get 500mg of elemental Calcium from each tab. Apart from this Calcium PRO also fulfills your daily requirement of Vitamin D & Vitamin K-2-7.
You need to take 1 Tab a day with meals for better absorption.

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Customer Reviews

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Puja Luthra
Good Calcium Combination

Good amount of calcium along with other required minerals.

Pankaj K
Amazing Product

Works Really well, very Good RDA for calcium, Magnesium and imp multivitamins

Sarla Juneja

Good Calcium Supplement for Adults

Excellent Suppliment for an Healthy Lifestyle

Trusted brand and best Calcium supplement for Adults. It's consumption makes my day energetic and healthy .

Krishna telkar

I am using this tablet since a month and i can see that the pain in my knee reduced to a greater extent and i can walk more than before it relief the pain and it is easy to swallow all in all good product.

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