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Joint-Race is a dietary supplement with the proprietary formulation of Turmeric Root Complex which provides 10x bio-availability of curcumin than the plain turmeric that has been used in other formulations. Joint-Race is composed of uniquely combined ingredients that have numerous anti-oxidants may help in improving body’s defense system. Curcumin is turmeric’s active agent and being highly bio-active, curcumin gets absorbed very fast in the body, and helps in relieving joint inflammation. Boswellia is a known ayurvedic herb which has many proven anti-inflammatory properties and helps in improving joint mobility and flexibility. Hydrolyzed Collagen promotes cartilage lubrication and helps in rebuilding cartilages, which are the thin coverings around joints. It also helps in protecting cartilages from degeneration and general wear & tear. Rose-hip Extract, Alpha Galanga Extract & Ginger Root Extract are widely known for their anti-inflammatory properties and are very helpful in many joint disorders like joint pains, joint inflammation & loss of cartilage.

  • Boswellia Serrata: Boswellia is known to be a proven anti-inflammatory in nature and thus is very helpful in relieving joint inflammation. Boswellia is also a known ayurvedic herb which is also helpful in rebuilding cartilages which are the thin coverings around joints.
  • Turmeric Root Complex: Turmeric is used in Asian countries from thousands of years for their multiple medicinal properties. Turmeric’s active agent ‘Curcumin’ is known widely for its anti-inflammatory effects which is very helpful in many joint disorders. Joint-Race has a proprietary blend of Turmeric Root Complex in it, which provides 10x bio-availability of curcumin than the plain turmeric given in many other formulations.
  • Rose-hip extract: Rose-hip extract is a powder extracted from Rose-hip that is a known antioxidant and has Vitamin C in abundance. Since rose-hip extract is highly rich in antioxidants, it is considered to boost immunity and may provide joint support & is very helpful in averting joint damage.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: Collagen promotes cartilage lubrication & is very helpful in reducing inflammation in the synovial fluid, the padding between the joints which is the root cause of most joint pains. Collagen also helps in protecting cartilages from degeneration & general wear & tear. Hydrolyzed Collagen being highly bio-active gets absorbed very fast in the body.
  • Ginger extract: Ginger has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties which makes it an exceptional pain reliever. Gingerol is the active ingredient of ginger which enhances the effect of curcumin, and together they form an outstanding remedy to relieve joint inflammation and pain.
  • Alpha Galanga extract: Galangal root has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in relieving inflammation caused in the joints, abdomen and stomach. It has several anti-oxidants, which help fight diseases and protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.
  • Recommended Usage: Take 1 capsules twice daily after meal or as directed by the healthcare professional.
  • Recommended For:
    • People who suffer from Joint Pains (Knee, Wrist, Ankle, Shoulder etc)
    • People who suffer from severe Knee or Back Pain
    • People who have mobility related issue
    • People who need support while walking & climbing stairs
    • People who have weak bones
    • Arthritis Patients
    • Men and Women Over 50


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Joint-Race help in joint pain relief and Cartilage Support?
A: There have been several studies demonstrating that a combination of Turmeric and Ginger root extract is an extremely effective combination for joint pain management, albeit better than the pain killer medicines. The Turmeric root extract used in Joint-Race has 10x bio-availability of curcumin which is known widely for its anti-inflammatory effects and is very helpful in many joint disorders.

Q: How long do I have to take these capsules?
A: Generally anti-inflamatory & Pain killers supplements are required till the pain & inflammation persists. Still as compared to any allopathic medicine, Joint-Race is required to be taken for much lesser period of time, as it not only helps in reducing the symptoms fast but also helps in the actual healing & rejuvenating the joints. You may need Joint-Race for a period of 1 month to 3 months.

Q: How to take them?
A: Take 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 after dinner.

Q: Why NUTRISROT̖ Joint-Race is superior than other Joint-Pain relief supplements?
A: NUTRISROT̖ Joint-Race supplement provides evidentially proven best combination of chondroprotective ingredients, which give you the best result.
Boswellia Serrata
A recent human research trial showed that this particular ingredient has an anti-inflammatory effect, which resulted in improved joint health by reducing joint space, synovial effusion, and rebuilding cartilages
Severeal studies show that curcuminoids have been proven to be extremely effective in treating joint disorders including arthritis by reducing inflammation and providing pain relief.

Q: Who Can Take It?
=> People Suffering From Back And Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain
=> Arthritis Patients
=> People with Weak Bones
=> Women Suffering From Menopause Or Perimenopause
=> Men And Women Over 50

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Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Venkatraman C
Very good

It is working and helping. That is I am using for my father and sister. It is very nice and useful.

Keshav Mukherjee
Excellent product

I have been using this product from Nutrisrot for quite some time now. Why am I using it? The answer is no other product has given me the results which I got from this. I've tried many but this is the best one for joint pain relief.

Pratik Bala

Completely an herbal supplement so no side effects.

Deepak Dani
Best for kneepain

I bought this 1 year back for my mother and seen huge improvement in her condition. Now she can climb the staircase very easily. I recommend this to anyone who is suffering from knee pain.

Shahnawaz Dalal
Acha hai

Product kaafi acha hai. Abhi 1 bottle ke baad farak dikhayi de raha hai

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