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In the human body, the fourth most abundant mineral is Magnesium and about 60% is present in the bones itself. Magnesium is required by every organ and cell present in the human body and is involved in many biochemical reactions like energy creation, protein formation and gene maintenance by creating and repairing DNA and RNA. Magnesium also helps in muscle movement, regulation of the nervous system and has many anti-inflammatory properties. Its deficiency may cause cramps, twitches/ tremors and could be the main cause for fatigue or muscle weakness; and over the time it may increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. NUTRISROT̖‘s MAG Destress is uniquely formulated to provide better muscle support, thorough mind relax and can help in relieving inflammation.

  • Muscle Support: Magnesium helps in muscle movement i.e. contraction and relaxation of muscles, and plays an important role during exercise to move blood sugar and dispose of lactate into the muscles, which can build up during exercise and cause fatigue.
  • Mind Relax: Magnesium is also responsible for regulating nervous system and helps in relaxing the body & calming the mind. Magnesium can activate the neurotransmitters and helps in regulating melatonin hormone that brain produces, to calm the mind-activities at night, during sleep hours.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Magnesium has numerous anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce inflammatory markers in older, obese or pre-diabetic people. Magnesium also helps in relieving constipation and other chronic inflammation like CRP.
  • Recommended Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily 1 hour before sleep, or as directed by the healthcare professional.
  • Recommended For:
    • People suffering from Migraines
    • People with high stress/Hypertension Issues
    • People with Overactive Mind
    • People with disturbed sleep cycle
    • People who suffer from frequent muscle spasm
    • People who do regular workout

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Customer Reviews

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Good Product

Was getting a lot of cramps due to exercise . Used this for getting rid of the cramps - helped me a lot. Don’t have any exercise led cramping anymore.

Satyam Singh
Excellent pdoduct

Its works really well to relieve my muscle cramps.

Parkash Jayaraman
Achha kaam karta hai

Kaafi achha kaam karta hai

Deepti Gupta
Worked for me

I am mother of 20 month baby i have so much work load taking care of baby ,family , household work ,professionally blogger my body feels so week, less sleep ,stress ,anxiety , so I bought this product. After consuming this tablet literally started working for me I have a good sound sleep, feel less stress , feeling more energetic and my muscles and bones are healthy. It contain magnesium which help body to metabolize nutrients to energy.

Vaibhav Kakar
Got it by recommendation

I feel so lucky that my neighbour recommended it to me. Thankyu so much!!

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