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MECO-SROT̖ Chewable Tablets are formulated with the combination of most essential vitamin i.e. Vitamin B (collectively known as B complex), which are water-soluble in nature and cannot be produced by the body. Methyl cobalamin (widely known as Vitamin B12) helps in the formation of RBC and decreases the risk of anemia. It is also very crucial for fetal development and helps in reducing the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. Pyridoxine (commonly known as Vitamin B6) helps in the production of hemoglobin which helps in circulating oxygen to the cells. If a person feels lethargic throughout the day, then the reason could be that his cells are not getting enough oxygen. Niacin (Also known as Vitamin B3) is an essential nutrient and is useful for a healthy nervous system, digestive system & skin rejuvenation. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) acts as an anti-oxidant and helps in converting food into energy. L-methyl folate (Vitamin B9) helps in neural communication of the brain with the cells & also helps in regulating happy hormones into the brain that helps fight anxiety & melancholy.

  • RBC Production: MECO-SROT̖ tablets contains Vitamin B12 which is required for proper functioning of nerve cells and helps in the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin B6 helps in hemoglobin production which is a type of protein that helps in delivering oxygen to every cell in the body though bloodstream.
  • Fetal Development: Optimum levels of Vitamin B12 are critically crucial for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Vitamin B12 deficiency in the mother can contribute to the risk of brain & spinal cord birth defects in the fetus.
  • Supports Brain Health: L-methyl folate & Vitamin B6 helps in maintaining nervous system which is responsible for communicating between the brain and other parts of the body. Also, helps in regulating happy hormones like Serotonin & GABA into the brain and ultimately enhances the mood and relieves anxiety.
  • Boosts Energy: All B-vitamins including Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6 & Vitamin B12 help in boosting energy levels by converting the food i.e. carbohydrates into fuel (glucose), that is used to produce energy.
  • Recommended Usage: Take 1 chewable tablet daily after meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.
  • Recommended For:
    • People suffering from Anemia
    • People with Low Iron & Hemoglobin Levels
    • People who have Pale Complexion
    • People who have low Energy and Fatigue related issues
    • People suffering from Anxiety and Low Mood
    • People suffering from Autoimmune Disease
    • Menstruating Women
    • Pregnant Women (consult your doctor)
    • General Wellness


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the most important B-Complex Vitamin for our Body?
A: Although all vitamins are essential but the most important amongst B group vitamins is Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin. It is so because it is responsible for some very important functions like Red Blood Cells Building, Brain functioning, Memory, Balance etc.

Q: What causes the deficiency of Vitamin B12?
A: People who take antacids or anti-ulcer medicines, blood sugar control medicines or antibiotics, people with slow digestion or above the age of 60 are more likely to get deficiency of Vitamin B12.

Q: Does our body makes Vitamin B12?
A: No. Our body doesn’t make Vitamin B12.

Q: What are the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency?
A: Fatigue, Weakness, Anemia, Difficulty in balancing, Numbness in hands & legs, lack of concentration, Nerves Pain, Poor Vision & Poor Memory are the common symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

Q: Can Vitamin B12 deficiency be serious?
A: Yes. If the deficiency lasts for longer period, it can cause serious effects on Nerves & Brain functioning, Memory loss, Low Energy, Anemia etc.

Q: What are the Veg foods that contain Vitamin B12?
A: Many Veg food sources such as yeast, sprouts, milk & fermented grapes give good quantity of B12.

Q: How long we must take Vitamin B12 to cover its deficiency?
A: Although Vitamin B12 is water soluble vitamin, still our body can store the extra Vitamin B12 for up to 2-3 years.

Q: Is there any benefit of taking Folate also with Vitamin B12?
A: Yes. It makes sense, as Folate helps in the production of Red Blood Cells, as Vitamin B12 does. Rather it can be an ideal combination.

Q: How much Vitamin B12 is offered in MECO-SROT?
A: MECO-SROT offers 1500mcg of Vitamin B12 with L-Methyl Folate & Vitamin B2 & B6.

Q: Why MECO-SROT is costlier than other B12 supplements?
A: MECO-SROT is economical than its peers. MECO-SROT offers highest quantity of Vitamin B12 (Mecobalamin) & moreover it is in 100 chewable tablets pack. Whereas all others are giving only 60 tablets in a pack.

Q: What is the right time to take MECO-SROT for best results?
A: MECO-SROT should be taken with the 1st meal of the day, i.e., breakfast. Because at that time our stomach has highest acidic contents.

Q: How long should we take MECO-SROT?
A: If you are Vitamin B12 deficient, then only 1 pack is sufficient for you. One bottle will last for 100 days. You can repeat it after 2-3 months if required.

Q: Why MECO-SROT (Vitamin B12 with Folate and Vitamin B6) over other B12 supplements?
A: According to recent research findings, about 47% of Indians are vitamin B12 deficient, and vegetarian diets may be the main contributor. NUTRISROT MECO-SROT (Vitamin B12 with Folate and Vitamin B6) is a perfect formulation to combat B12 deficiency.

Natural source of vitamin B12
Instead of adding Cyanocobalamin, which is a synthetic variety of vitamin B 12 present in most vitamin B12 supplements, NUTRISROT MECO-SROT (Vitamin B12 with Folate and Vitamin B6) supplement contains natural form of vitamin B 12, i.e. methylcobalamin to treat the vitamin B 12 deficiency symptoms including fatigue, headaches, numbness in the hands and feet, difficulty in walking, loss of memory, normal thinking difficulty, mood swings, etc

Added active form of Folate
Folic acid supplementation is common to compensate for the vitamin B9 level. Most of the supplement users may not know that folic acid is a synthetic inactive form of vitamin B9. Folate is the natural and active form of vitamin B9. People have defective methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene unable to convert inactive folic acid to its active folate form. Therefore, the folic acid supplement does not provide any therapeutic benefit to treat vitamin B9 deficiency.

NUTRISROT MECO-SROT (Vitamin B12 with Folate and Vitamin B6) containing active dietary folates converts to 5-MTHF in the small intestine and reach to blood circulation. But such absorption is not possible in case of folic acid intake. Folic acid requires liver enzymes interference for conversion to its active form. But research studies reported chronic exposure of the liver to folic acid unable to metabolize the folic acid. Therefore, prolonged intake of the unmetabolized form of folic acid supplement unable to improve vitamin B9 level in blood

Both vitamin B12 and Vitamin 9 (folate) obtained from NUTRISROT MECO-SROT(Vitamin B12 with Folate and Vitamin B6) supplement helps in tissue repairing, production of red blood cells and white blood cells, DNA synthesis and normal functioning of nerve tissues.

Vitamin B6 inclusion
Increase levels of homocysteine can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. A combination of vitamins B6, B12 and folate supplement also controls the homocysteine cycle.

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Awesome b12 chewable tablet directly mix into the blood and gives energy..taste is also very good ..I take it after lunch ..really very effective..this is my 3rd bottle…thank you Nutrisrot for wonderful supplements.

Ansh Arora
Excellent Product.

Perfect blend to fulfill your daily Vitamins need.

It's great!

Very Effective

Talha Khan
Tasty and Healthy

Works well

Best chewable in market

Ingredients formulation is superb; just the right mix of things one needed for wholesome vitamin B complex supplementation

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